Doug Driesel Jr. has been doing stand-up comedy since 2006. Born in the middle of nowhere, Doug started doing improv and sketch in middle school, and made the transition to the stand-up stage shortly after moving to Los Angeles in 2005. Doug would do the “grind” in LA for almost 10 years before he started going on the road and performing all over the country. Now located back in Southern Missouri, Doug combines absurdity, the mundane nature of life and spot-on obscure pop culture references to entertain audiences wherever he goes.

Doug has performed on stages all over the country, including The Improv and Comedy Store in Los Angeles, on the History Channel special The History of the Joke, and venues ranging from Alt Comedy Bar Shows to comedy club main stages. He’s appeared as an actor in a number of productions, including the George Wendt pilot As Seen on TV and feature film Archie Black: The Worst. He also directed and performed in a documentary on comedy 100 Jokes.