An Algonquin Round Table of weary-eyed, drunk and stoned thirty somethings, meet nearly every night after hours in Charter House, a local music venue. They discuss all manner of topics, from the great philosophical questions, to answering whether or not Kent is whipped by his girlfriend.

While the group does not often release the findings of such meetings to the public, they have stumbled upon a rare misstep at 2:39 am on Thursday morning, when they announced that the episode of Hey, Dude where Ted and ‘What’s-His-Name’ get handcuffed together was pretty fun.

The episode in question is season one, episode ten, entitled “Ted and Brad Get Handcuffed,” which offered a hackneyed premise, predictable jokes, and not nearly enough Christine Taylor, the actress who played Melody and would later go on to marry Ben Stiller.

“It’s, like, a cool show, man,” stated a misinformed member of the philosophical group. “And that episode was so funny. They couldn’t find the key to those handcuffs!”

While no attempt at correcting the groups misapprehension is in effect, future findings of the group will now be subjected to the greatest of scrutiny.

“You mean, the show where they were all on a dude ranch?” Kent’s girlfriend commented. “I was always more of a Salute Your Shorts girl, myself. Mmmm…that Bobby Budnick.”

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