Blackthorn Pizza & Pub Open Mic 01/20/19

My history with this venue is weird. It’s a place where everyone always tells me what a good time it is to perform there, but I had always had not the best experiences. The booker was always cool, and made sure I got paid even when there was no audience, but that was most of the time.

That booker is gone, and a new guy is hosting an open mic there. I’ve known the new guy for a while. Cool cat.

The set went fairly well, all-in-all. Got some good laughs from a small-but-solid crowd.

Hate that I had to leave early, but Joplin is an hour away and I had to be up at five this morning to start work.

I’ll need to do that full Smurf bit when it’s the only bit I do, if it’s a shorter mic!

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