The Outland Open Mic 01/23/19

I usually hate this mic. Because, quite frankly, it’s usually not good. This was an exception. 

Okay, so it wasn’t GREAT. BUT, it was far better than last week. 

My girlfriend had a friend visiting from out of town, and they decided to check out the show, which game me a lot more support than I normally get in the room. 

After the set at Gailey’s I was a little more “on,” so my stage presence was better. And, I had worked on my jokes inbetween sets, so they were a little tighter. 

Of course, an exception to the tightness was the 9/11 joke, which needs to be tighter. Also, the Smurfs joke needs to be tighter, but it’s way tighter than the last time I told it, which is progress. 

I’m anxious to see if “Dumb and Bad” joke works in other contexts. We’ll see…

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